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Lisk: A Gateway to Developing on the Blockchain

The Lisk Logo
The Lisk Logo. Source: Lisk

One Liner:

A Blockchain platform for developers to build applications using Javascript

The Good: Non-Profit aimed at increasing blockchain exposure; Dedicated SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers using Lisk; Marketing plan to increase platform adoption

The Bad:  Flexibility and control over sidechains are still limited to what can be created using Javascript alone

Key Highlights

  1. Gives developers full control of their own blockchain by utilizing side-chains
  2. Applications are purely in Javascript – the most popular web-dev language
  3. Introduces a much wider population of developers to blockchain technology

Why Crypto?

Lisk (LSK) was created with a mission very similar to our own here at Cryptosseur: Get more people involved with blockchain technology. Specifically, they are targeted a larger developer population (those who know JavaScript) to get more engaged with building applications on the Lisk Blockchain. Though Lisk has its own cryptocurrency, LSK, the Lisk blockchain serves as a platform to build decentralized applications. Like all blockchain projects, these applications will allow people to directly connect without a 3rd party (e.g. messenger, with Facebook watching your messages).

Use Case Example: 

A centralized network vs a decentralized network
A centralized network vs a decentralized network. Source: TechCrunch

Nearly everything we do on the internet nowadays happens through a centralized source. If you send a message you need a messaging platform, if you send money you need a bank with online capabilities, if you want to watch a video you need a company to host all the videos. As you might have guessed, blockchain is trying to take us away from that model of centralized interaction with the internet into a decentralized model. In this model, no third party serves as the source for all transactions, communications, etc. Think about all the recent hacks you’ve heard about, and realize literally any company can be hacked (Just look at all of these hacks!). Blockchain makes it extremely hard or impossible to hack information since it is stored on multiple servers. Then why doesn’t everyone have this technology already? Well, the blockchain industry still needs your help to develop it. That’s where Lisk comes in – they created a blockchain platform for JavaScript developers to work on their very own blockchains (called sidechains). Since JavaScript is one of the most well-known development languages, we can expect many more applications to be built using blockchain technology thanks to early development platforms like Lisk.

Bottom Line:

The technology adoption curve.
The technology adoption curve. Source: Lumen

Lisk has a single goal in mind: increase adoption of blockchain technology and the development of applications on it. We are still in the very early stages of blockchain projects making any large-scale impact on the world. The applications that will change the world using the blockchain may still have yet to be built. However, the faster we can speed this process up, the more the world can benefit from these new decentralized applications. Consider that the internet was invented in 1989, and Facebook wasn’t created until 14 years later. Now consider that Bitcoin, the first application of the Blockchain was introduced in 2009, and it has now been 8 years. If you have been planning on creating the next “Facebook,” Cryptosseur thinks you may want to look into developing on the blockchain, and a good way to get started is through Lisk.

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